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For the Solution Guides - the full explanations to every single problem and proof in Girls Get Curves, click here!

Drawing Conclusions - Literally! Free worksheet on working with diagrams! (As promised on p. 43)

Proof that the sum of every triangle's angles equals 180!
(As promised in the footnote of p. 104)

Composition of Transformations and some serious phone-flipping action: How the Commutative Property works - or doesn't!
(As promised on p. 117)

Transformations on the Coordinate Plane and more!
(As promised on p. 117)

How to visualize why the AAS Rule works, using Similar Triangles!
(As promised in the footnote of p. 122)

Deriving the Sum of Exterior Angles Formula - for n-gons!
(As promised on p. 213)

Proving Two Sides of a Quadrilateral Are Parallel
(As promised on p. 267)

Two More Methods for Proving Similar Triangles: SSS and SAS!
(As promised in the footnote on p. 293)

A proof of the Pythagorean Theorem! (As promised on p. 298)

A proof of the Side-Splitter Theorem!
(As promised in the footnote of p. 298)

Surface area of a cone: Where does the pearl fan come from??
(As promised on p. 370)

The answers to all the "Doing the Math" (non-proof) problems are in the back of Girls Get Curves, but just in case you want to see the fully worked out explanations - and all of the proofs - here they are!
For other things promised in the book, go to the Extras page.

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